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My Story

Love for Books and Writing

Becka J. Caffery

You’ve come here for all the fun facts about me, right?

Good, because I’m about to give you five of the most fun facts!

1. Starting with the most important one – I’m a huge Potterhead. From the moment I read the first book to the last second of film eight, I’ve been in love with Harry Potter. Not specifically him, he definitely isn’t my favourite character – that would be a toss-up between Snape, Sirius and Malfoy! I’m also a Slytherin, I’ve taken probably every House quiz that there is and never had a different result. I also think my love for Harry Potter has made want to write and read boarding school books!

2. The second is that I’m a Libra – my birthday is October 2nd. I love being a Libra for a number of reasons, the first because my Grandma is also a Libra and I love her with my whole heart. Secondly, I really like Astrology and check both my daily, weekly and yearly horoscope all the time. I also really love being born in the month October and plan to use October as a baby name for a girl as it’s beautiful and can be shortened to Toby! Extra fun fact I’ve also named one of the characters in my first book October.

3. I’m obsessed with Mini Cheddars. If you aren’t from the UK you probably don’t know what these are, but Google them and you will see them in their beautiful round cheesiness. They make the most perfect snack in any mood and at Christmas, my mom buys big tubs of them and I devour them! OBSESSED!

4. I am the most organised person that you will ever meet. Sadly, one of my favourite things to do is to make schedules and timetables for everything. I would always offer my friends at University to plan their revision timetables close to exams and I'm at the point where people I work with know my love for making spreadsheets and send me Facebook posts about National spreadsheet competitions. You guessed right, I am 100% also a plotter - every book I've written has a detailed plot and chapter outline with character profiles and research pages for every location!

5. I have a crazy amount of careers I'd like to try in the future. From being an events planner to an interior designer and from being a politician to being a teacher. I'd also love to be a full-time writer with a beautiful office and stacks of gorgeous notebooks on my desk. I'm hoping that 2020 will be the year that I find the perfect career for myself.

Have a book or any writing tips and tricks you’d like to be featured on the blog?


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