All the books I read in 2019!

2019 books

This year I set myself the crazy target of trying to read 100 books in a year and in January I never thought I was going to be able to do it, but I DID!

I wasn’t consistent with it at all. Some months I read 25 books, other months I literally only read a few books, max five. However, I still managed 115 books this year, which to me is incredible.

Openly Straight

During this reading challenge I definitely broadened my book horizons, I started to dabble in YA Fantasy and I definitely fell in love with Adult LGBT Romance books. But,  the main genres I continued to read from was Contemporary YA or YA Romance. I liked this genre in 2018 and I only fell more in love with it during 2019, especially as I started writing my own Contemporary YA books.

I started my year reading Bill Konigsberg’s ‘Openly Straight’ on New Year’s Day (literally as the clock struck midnight) and the same day I read his second book in the duology ‘Honestly, Ben’. It was a duology that was right up my street, I mean come on it features LGBTQ relationships, a cool boarding school and interesting roommate situations. Not only are these themes my favourite to read, but they are also my favourite to write – literally the first ever book that I finished writing in May (Cherrington Academy) features all these themes.

Fake Out

I finished the year reading one of the best adult series I’ve had the pleasure of reading. Eden Finley’s ‘Fake Boyfriend’ series features LGBTQ relationships, major league sports and  the forming of a makeshift family known as the ‘Gay Brigade’ and I fell in love with every single character she produced. If I had to choose a pairing that was my favourite I definitely think it would be Soren’s and Jet’s, mainly because I have a weird thing for the more ‘off limits’ relationships and ones where you definitely shouldn’t go there, but you can’t resist.

In between I’ve read so many incredible books and a couple of duds that I was sadly disappointed with, especially one book that was so massively popular that I felt so let down when I read it and I wasn’t wowed like everybody else was. In an upcoming blog post I have a full list of my favourite books of 2019 if you have an interest in reading some really amazing books.

I contemplated listing all 115 books here in this blog post, but I felt that would be crazy, crazy long and kind of overwhelming to read. So I’m just going to post the link to my Good Reads books I’ve read in 2019 shelf. I discovered Good Reads at the start of the year and it has been such a godsend for my reading life. I use it for so many things, obviously firstly for logging all of the books I read on my read shelf, but then also to rate books and to write reviews for all the books that I’ve loved, liked and maybe even disliked. Another thing I really love about Good Reads is that you get a huge recommendation list based on what you’ve read that I’ve found is more accurate than the Kindle recommends list. Not only that, but you can search for shelves of all your favourite genres and themes of books that you love and then you have a shit tonne of books to pick from. (This is not an ad for Good Reads, I just love the site!) Do you have a goal of the amount of books you’d like to read in 2020? Mine again for 2020 is going to be 100 and I hope to smash it again like I did this year! Leave your goal in the comment below!

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