January Update

Let’s talk about the first month of what I feel like is going to be a crazy year!

I started this year on a huge high, I revealed to the Writing Community on Twitter that three days prior to the New Year I got a publishing contract and was met with an incredible amount of congratulations and well wishes for the future of my book! Then just hours later I announced the launch of this blog and the world finally got to see it and I literally couldn’t believe the reception I received to it. So many people subscribed to the Blog and messaged me to say how much they loved it and were looking forwards to seeing more from it.

My book contract came in the post on the 3rd and I was ecstatic, I cried signing it and it felt like all of my dreams had finally come true.

Just before I left the country I received an invite to interview from a job that I’d applied for at the end of December. They were with a company that I used to work for seasonally for four summers and to help behind the scenes with a programme that I loved and wholeheartedly believe in! I was stoked to be offered the interview and had so much hope for it!

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On the 4th I flew out to Canada for 16 days and I had the most incredible time. Between 2017-18 I lived in St-Catharines, Canada whilst on my exchange year at Brock University and not only did I have an amazing time, but I made some of my best friends in the whole world, a little Canadian family of Brothers and Sisters who I miss every day. I try to go back a couple of times a year to see them and spend time in Canada, a place which I love with my whole heart.

I spent the two and a bit weeks eating way too much food, catching up with all my favourite people and re-exploring all my fave places in Canada. The moment I left I was already trying to figure out when I could next go and I’m hoping to book a trip out there at the end of the Summer.

Whilst I was out there I did two interviews; one phone interview and one skype interview for the job I desperately want and on the evening of the 13th I found out I’d got the job and was literally over the moon! I came home from Canada and straight away resigned from my job and three days later I left with excitement of a whole week off and the prospects of starting a job at the start of February!


On the 25th me and my Mom went to a vintage furniture store in the hopes of finding the perfect desk for my room so I will have a proper place to write at rather than on the couch or in my bed. By George did we find a cracker, it’s exactly what I was looking for. I wanted one that wasn’t too deep but much longer than a normal desk and it was a necessity that it had a tonne of drawers as I like to store a lot of crap. I’m planning to paint it a light pink colour so it ties in nicely with my mainly pink, grey and rose gold room!

The final week of Jan was spent writing, writing and literally just writing away so that I could send the final version of my manuscript to my Publisher on the 31st of January (which I successfully did!) It felt like a crazy achievement and was exciting for a couple of reasons. The first, my book is now with an editor and in a months’ time I’ll see exactly how I can make it a perfect book that will be on it’s way to being released into the world. Secondly, it means that this month I can work on a new project (a NA Olympics related, enemies to lovers LGBTQ+ Novel) which I’ve been desperate to start since like October/November last year.

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