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Anyone who knows me, knows that for the last 5 or 6 years I’ve strictly been a YA girl through and through, specifically anything from the Contemporary, Romance or LGBTQ genre. But, recently and to the shock horror of even myself I’ve found myself drawn to the NA/Adult section on Amazon Kindle.

Endless Stretch of Blue

It started with Riley Hart’s ‘Endless Stretch of Blue’ and to be honest I actually don’t think I read the blurb before I downloaded it on Kindle – I’ve become so wrapped up in reading this last couple of months I’ve just been downloading from my recommended. Even thought when I downloaded it and realised it was and adult book and I felt a bit unsure about it because it wasn’t what I was used to, the blurb sounded really good and like something I could get behind. Turns out I absolutely loved it.

Cue a long fall into the Adult world of books, ever since I came across the first one I’ve probably read around twenty five (maybe more) Adult books. Along the way I’ve discovered some amazing Adult authors who have written some fantastic Adult series – literally the fact that they were series has only made me more obsessed.

I want to give some special shout outs to a couple of the series that I’ve read and adored recently and they were by the authors – Eden Finley (Fake Boyfriend series), River Jaymes (The Boyfriend Chronicles) and Lily Morton (Close Proximity series, Finding Home series and Mixed Messages series).

Reading These

Adult genre books has also helped me rediscover one of my favourite tropes from within the writing world – the fake boyfriend trope – it’s always so freaking good and amusing, especially when the fake couple finally realise their true feelings. Plus the Fake Boyfriend series only reiterated my love for sports books!

I’ve learnt that taking that small step outside of my comfort zone was exactly what I needed to re-excite my love for books and to discover a new love for a different genre of books. It might have even pushed me to take a step in the direction of writing, don’t worry I won’t be stepping away from YA Contemporary for too long, but I would like to try writing some Adult books and maybe even some YA Fantasy!

If you’re looking for a new adventure, I’d definitely recommend a walk on the Adult side of the book store!

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